Fabulous! – TVR Grantura Mk II A

„Fabulous! – TVR Grantura Mk II A

Here is the luxury sports car you´ve been yearning for – a real gran turismo car for no more than you would pay for an ordinary sports car.
The many standard equipment luxury features include:
all-independent torsion bar suspension for exceptional road holding, wire wheels, tubular chassis, disc brakes, sumptuous interior trim, MGA 1622 power uni (90 b.h.p.).
You don´t just drive this car – it becomes a part of you !
GBP1188 tay paid.
Also available in component form at GBP888 with additional choice of Ford & Climay power units. – GBP795 and GBP1045 respectivly.
Write now for details.“

Werbeanzeige aus „THE MOTOR“, 24. Januar 1962

Quelle: Facebook TVR Classics