verkauft: TVR Griffith 500 RHD

Hello TVR Lovers,

We decided to sell our beloved Griffith 500 RHD.
The car is in great shape, as it always was, thanks to its previous owner Mr. Claude Hilbert, whom many of you know well.

Its got 45.279 miles, it is from 1995 and currently has a clean Luxembourghish controle technique (no remarks).
We purchased the car one year ago and since then following work was done by Philippe Chevallard at CarXpert:

  • Maintenance in June 2016 (Oil change, filters, silent blocks exhaust, accessories belt, various seals, chassis geometry): 793,16€
  • Slave clutch cylinder changed and brake fluid purged in July 2016: 324,29€
  • New power steering pulley and bearings in September 2016: 717,42€ (the car does not have power steering but the pulley assembly is there as per Rover engine ancillaries)
  • In addition we replaced the radio which wasn’t working with a new one and new speakers all around
  • 4 new TOYO tires and a new Cherry bomb exhaust will be installed next week

The reason we sell it is simple. We are afraid that the car might hurt someone. It is wild, and fun to drive, but probably too dangerous for most people. Because of that it wasn’t driven much in the Club. Only 3 members took it out last summer from time to time. They are bikers and love the thrill of driving a car which is so dangerous and that needs a good driver at the wheel.

It has done a little over 1200 miles since we own it.
We called it Billie here at the Club, from Billie Piper, an english actress who used to play a call girl in the TV series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. You can draw your own conclusions of that name … 🙂

As for the price, it has been evaluated at 32.000€ by Bucomex in June 2016. The report is available to anyone who has interest in the car.

You are the TVR specialists, and if anyone of you is interested, please make me a price proposal and I will see if it can work for us or not. We would like the car to stay within TVR loving hands so everything is negotiable.