TVR Griffith – ein Kurzportrait

1990 stellte eine kleine Sportwagenfirma aus Blackpool auf der Motor Show in Birmingham einen Prototyp namens TVR Griffith aus, der die Massen anzog und zum Staunen und Träumen brachte. Alle acht Minuten wurde eine Bestellung notiert, viel fĂĽr eine Firma, die in jener Zeit im Jahr einige Hundert Autos produzierte. Dabei war der TVR Griffith noch gar nicht fertig, ruhte noch auf dem Chassis seines Vorgängers. … Weiterlesen →

Peter Filby’s
TVR: Success Against The Odds zu verkaufen

„Just like its title implies, if you like underdogs and British cars, then TVR is the marque for you. These hand-built fiberglass sports cars with their tube chassis are known for their exceptional handling, striking styling and very limited production.
Although few books have been published on TVR, this particular text by Peter Filby was the first. I bought my copy brand new, paying $14.95 when it was first published back in 1976.
Within the 224 pages of this hardcover book, you will learn about the history of TVR and its founder, Trevor Wilkinson, and how the company came about during the winter of 1947. It then goes on to detail this small company’s history up to the years when it was owned by Martin Lilley, and the widespread M-series cars that were created under his management.… Weiterlesen →