TVR Tuscan SE

„With a Topspeed of over 170 m.p.h., and acceleration from standstill to 70 m.p.h. in barely 8 seconds, the TVR Tuscan SE ranks among the fastest road cars in the world. It is nevertheless docile in traffic and easy to handle, due to the extreme flexibility of ist 306 horsepower 4.7 litre Ford V8 power unit.“

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Fabulous! – TVR Grantura Mk II A

„Fabulous! – TVR Grantura Mk II A

Here is the luxury sports car you´ve been yearning for – a real gran turismo car for no more than you would pay for an ordinary sports car.
The many standard equipment luxury features include:
all-independent torsion bar suspension for exceptional road holding, wire wheels, tubular chassis, disc brakes, sumptuous interior trim, MGA 1622 power uni (90 b.h.p.).
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